About Festival

19 th Organ Festival in Anykščiai
The year 2000 was the start of organ festivals in Anykščiai and 19 th organ music festival is held this year.

An organ built by James Ivimey of Southampton in 1925 was brought from England to St Matthew’s Church in Anykščiai in 1999. The original organ made by the Czech organ master Otto Kratokvil in 1934 was moved and located in front of the altar of St Mary. Therefore the church has two organs now.

In the year 2000, on the initiative of Stanislovas Krumpliauskas, priest of St Matthew’s Church, and Dariusz Tomczyk, manager of the house of culture of Sejny in Poland, the participants of the organ music festival “ Juniores priores organori” in Sejny came and gave concerts in Anykščiai. This tradition has been kept for nineteen years now.

The festival of organ music is an exceptional and unique cultural event in Anykščiai and the region which makes our town known internationally, adds to musical education, allows to enjoy the sounds of the organ, king of musical instruments.